2019 ACA Featured Presentations!

Join us during one of our featured presentations in New Orleans (see below). Also, consider attending our annual meeting and ACAC mixer! Look in the conference bulletin for scheduled days and times.

90 minutes: Dr. Evette Horton & Dr. Catherine Tucker: Healing mothers, building brains: Using dyadic mother-baby play in addictions programs

60 minutes: Dr. Le’Ann Solmonson & Dr. Suzanne Maniss: Accomodation vs Real World Skills: 504 and IEP planning for school counselors
Poster: Dr. Emily Goodman-Scott:  Universal Mental Health Screening as a part of the School Counseling Program

2016 Spring Newsletter

2016 ACAC Newsletter Spring

ACAC President Gail Roaten chose to focus the Spring 2016 ACAC Newsletter on the topic of prevention of bullying and interpersonal violence in support of ACA President Thelma Duffey’s associated initiative—The 2015-2016 American Counseling Association Presidential Initiative on Anti-Bullying and Interpersonal Violence.  The Newsletter included ten articles that addressed this important topic from a variety of angles.  The Newsletter also highlighted the ACAC-related presentations for the ACA conference in Montreal and encouraged members to submit articles for future newsletters.

2016 Fall Newsletter

The theme for the Fall 2016 ACAC Newsletter was “Resilient Children & Adolescents.” The Newsletter contained six articles that addressed topics ranging from child sexual abuse, spirituality, mindfulness in the school setting, relationships in virtual counseling, parental consultation, and self-efficacy.  ACAC-sponsored ACA presentations for the upcoming ACA conference in San Francisco March 31-June 3, 2017 were identified, as well.  The Newsletter highlighted the upcoming Inaugural ACAC Conference that is to be held in Arlington, Virginia on July 20-21, 2017.  Information on how to submit articles for the Spring 2017 Newsletter was also provided.